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It’s rough out there for a black woman at the cosmetic counter. I can testify that since being allowed to wear makeup at 15 I’ve been on a constant hunt for a good, serious line that won’t make me look ashy, or crazy-sparkly. Finding good makeup is akin to finding good clothes. Just give me something that will fit me, flatter me and make me look like ‘me’ when I’m all done.

I found an article on the challenges of finding cosmetics for dark skin tones on NY Mag through one of my favorite fashion blogs, Make Fetch Happen.

I go to Yves Saint Laurent Beauté at Barneys. The man at the counter swabs me with a few options; again, I think I look too red. He says it’s perfect. Even for summer? “You don’t need anything in the summer,” he says. Well, I think I do. But he says I don’t.

When it comes to my skin, though a deep brown, it does vary in shades during the year– from about three shades darker or a couple shades lighter depending on sun exposure. That throws another monkey into the wrench.

At the moment, I’ve settled on using MAC. They, by far, have the most shades that match me and they have enough colors to blend together to put together a decent palette for summer or winter. Though MAC is noted briefly in the article, I’d have to say it’s my fail-safe. In fact, I’d probably recommend it as your first and best option.

MAC is where I go to get concealer and foundation (oh, and eye shadow, too). And as soon as I run out of my current (oh too sparkly for my taste) blush, I’m going to their counter for one of those, too.

But I need/want more options. Everybody else gets them. Why not me? Come on cosmetics companies! Show a sister some love.


Written by fat stylist

February 24, 2008 at 1:11 pm

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